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Single digital, 2 titles, 05:45 mn
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La 100a fojo - La Perdita Generacio Sweden / Germany

Co-produced by LPG/Vinilkosmo © 2018

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Release of the digital Single on 6 january 2018
Surprise and special release
during JES

La Perdita Generacio - Anna, Tomio, Karin, and Hendjo - is one of the most famous music groups in Esperanto. However, their music can hardly be described - you have to hear it!

This single, La 100a fojo is an interlude, a souvenir about some of the most important "watershed" moments and fables in the lives of LPG.

The A-side, "La 100a fojo", is a feel-good song paying tribute to the Polish Esperanto Youth radio program Varsovia Vento on its 100th broadcast. It combines the history of VV with the history of LPG itself. They have already received the Somerfrapo Award and a second prize as Song of the Year. The B-side, "Ni unuiĝas je orbitoj", was first a poem written when Karin and Tomio adopted their first child in Zambia. Hendjo wrote the unique music.

Vinilkosmo offers the digital version and faire streaming of this single. If you want a physical (CD) single, order it directly from LPG: tomas.frejaro (at)

In this single, LPG is:
Lead voice & guitar: Tomio
Drum & voice: Anna
Melody: Hendjo
Bass: Karin
Blablabla: Nujo

Recorded by LPG in Härnösand & Heidelberg
Mixed by Daniel Leksell

For "Ni unuiĝas je orbitoj":
Lead voice, piano, and synthesizers: Hendjo
Recorded and mixed by Hendjo in Lüneburg

Single mastered by Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe, Donneville, Occitania - France

Cover photo: Nori Frejarö
Cover graphics: Tomio

4- La 100a fojo

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2,00 €
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