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La Pordo - Ale Kosabela – Argentina / Brazil
A collaboration Ale Kosabela, Audiopole, and Vinilkosmo CC BY 2 2020

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Release of the digital Single on 18 februar 2020


La Pordo (The Door) was originally released on the album Revolucio en pajleraro (Revolution in a Haystack).
An urgent call for social transformation, it immediately became one of Ale Kosabela’s most listened to songs. Its message is more and more timely: we need to wake up and work together to improve the living conditions of all beings, and to protect our common home. As Ale says, “There’s a small distance between dreaming and awakening”, but if we are to actively participate in a new culture of cooperation and brotherhood, we must travel that small distance and awaken. Our thoughts and emotions matter, our actions are essential and urgent.

The main feature of the Esperanto community is its internationality. Because of this, this single is of particular interest to our community. This is an international collaboration in the style of “Playing for Change”. La Pordo, a song originally written in Esperanto by Alejandro Cossavella, is presented here by the voices of a multinational team. The sound track was coordinated, mixed, and mastered in Toulouse, France, and the video footage was edited by Rogener Pavinski in Brazil. This song is accompanied by its karaoke so you can sing at home or make new versions. We hope you like the result and that it will also be an inspiration for new projects like it.

Fraternal cooperation in a neutral language... isn’t that what we dreamed of when we learned about the ideals of Esperanto? Isn’t that what we imagine for the future?

By listening to La Pordo, you will enter this atmosphere... take advantage of it.

In this single, the author and composer is:
- Ale Kosabela (Alejandro Cossavella)

With the participation of the following musicians and singers:

from Argentina
- Ale Kosabela: voice
- Ricky Saenz Paz: programming, guitars, bass guitar

from Benin
- Mireille Hounkpe: female choir (in Toulouse)

from Bosnia/Denmark
- Amir Hadžiahmetović: voice

from Brazil
- Flávio Fonseca: voice
- Rogener Pavinski: voice

from France (Toulouse):
- Anne Mamour: female choir
- Floréal Martorell: male choir
- Françoise Eriksen: female choir
- Jean-Claude Patalano: male chorus, voice
- JoMo: male chorus, voice
- Linda Lenepveu: voice and female choir

from Germany
- Jonny M: voice

from Italy
- Kjara (Chiara Raggi): voice

from Sweden
- Ĵomart and Nataŝa: voice

Recording of the music in the studio El Tren (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in 2005
Sound engineer: Ricky Saenz Paz

Recording of the voices in Toulouse and mixing the project at Studio Audiopole in Ramonville St.-Agne (Toulouse) in November 2019 and January 2020
Sound engineer: Jean-Claude Patalano

Mastering: Triboulet at Studio de la Trappe/Vinilkosmo in Donneville in February 2020

Video editing and production: Rogener Pavinski in Brazil in February 2020

Cover art graphics: Rogener Pavinski, Jean-Claude Patalano

  CC BY 2 some rights reserved 

5- La Pordo

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