Power metal  -  Folk metal

BaRok-Projekto - Catalão (Goias, Brazil)

Release of the digital EP "Veko" on 7 january 2022


Awards: 2020 - Kaŝiri'; 2016 - Jen Nia Viv-River´; 2013 - La Plej Bona Ĉasisto.

The Brazilian group Barok-Projekto was founded by guitarists Rafael Milhomem and Muniz in 2007.
It is the first band of power metal to release an official album in the language Esperanto.
Its music is a mixture of Folk Metal and Power Metal  with characteristics of Baroque, classical, and folk music, with texts about the Brazilian Tupí mythology, the native culture, and a political point of view concerning Brazil’s first inhabitants.

A new phase began for the band in 2021. With Muniz and Milhomem’s voices, the band came closer to a Folk Metal style, and the lyrics are now more profound. Thus was born la EP Kvin Jarcentoj (2021), containing the prize-winning single “Kaŝiri'” (2020). (Details on the Album page.)

In 2016 BaRok-Projekto presented its first full album entitled Sovaĝa animo, published on July 13, 2016 in virtual form, and on CD in August.
For this album participated: Karliene Araújo (voice); Junior Nieri (drums); Thiago Alberto (bass guitar); Muniz (guitar), and Rafael Milhomem (guitar).
But several important guests also participated on this new album (details appear on the album’s page).

In 2015 the group signed a contract with the record label Vinilkosmo, releasing at the end of the same year the first official EP Jen nia Viv-river', (considered to be the first official album of heavy metal in Esperanto). It contains the old songs, and also the new one, which gives the album its title, with the voice of guest singer Karliene Araújo. Jen nia Viv-river' is an aria from the metal opera that BaRok' is writing. With the track “Jen nia Viv-river’”, the band won first place in the music contest “Kanto de la Jaro” (2016).

In the beginning, the band was only virtual, with one or two musicians playing a variety of musical instruments in their home studio. The main goal was to create music and invite singers to record, and thus release the songs freely on the Internet.

In 2007 the group published its own 4-title virtual concept mini-album Bataltemp', with the participation of singers Geovani Maia ("Bataltemp'"), Paulo Melo ("Nobla dezir'"), and Leo Yanes ("Heredo de la post-milit'").

After a long pause, in the beginning of the year 2013 the group announced resumption of its activities, and changed its purpose. A complete band was put together in order to perform in concerts and record a new album. Thus in 2013 was born the single La plej bona ĉasisto (finalist in the music contest “Kanto de la Jaro” 2013 in the magasine “Kontakto”). For this number, the band consisted of Leo Yanes (singer), Junior Nieri (drums), Murilo Ramos (bassist of the band Heaven's Guardian), Muniz (guitar), and Rafael Milhomem (guitar).

BaRok-Projekto is working tirelessly, and they introduce you to the new single Hibrida batalanto (hybrid fighter) (September 2021).

2022 begins with good news! BaRok-Project treats you to a new album! This time it’s about Veko.
It resulted from more mature and coherent work, both musically and lyrically, where the group shows their intimacy with the musical style and virtuosity of their compositions. (details to discover on the album page).


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