Bugge Bang (Denmark)
Bugge Bang Buŝritmo

Bugge Bang is a young Esperantist from birth, since his father is Kim from the famous group Hotel Desperado. From earliest youth he has been interested in the human beatbox, and continues his studies in this domain.



Carina (Sweden)

Carina is a young Esperantist from birth, since her parents are the famous duo ĴomArt and Nataŝa, originally from Kazakhstan, now living in Sweden. She has sung since she was three, and her parents produced her disk Carina kantas por vi en esperanto (Carina sings for you in Esperanto), gathering all the songs she recorded between 2002 and 2009.




Diablo, originally from Puerto Rico, has only practiced Esperanto for a few years, but he has played music for a long time. He plays music but hasn’t rapped in Esperanto yet. He composes for other rappers who sing in Spanish or English. He has even worked in L.A. with several well-known producers, such as DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill!).



Dolcharmar – Pieĉjo (Finland)
Dolchamar (formerly  Dolcxamar) is a group created in 1999 in London but which later moved to Finland. They play and sing rhythmic rock and some hip hop. They sang the very first rap song in Esperanto, “Ĉu vi pretas?” (Are you ready?) in their first album, and it became a real hit. After some of the members left the group, they changed their name from Dolcxamar to Dolchamar in 2003, and they released a new rock album, Rebela sono. And after still more changes in the group in 2010, they released Trajn’ nenien (Train to nowhere). Only Patrik Austin (Pieĉjo) remains from the original group. He appeared on HHK Vol. 1 in collaboration with DĴ Roĝer, and on HHK Vol. 2 with the song “Nia hiphop’”.



Eterne Rima (Japan)
Eterne Rima 

Eterne Rima is a Pole who lives in Japan. His first demo “Por miaj gefratoj” (For my brothers and sisters) came out unofficially in 2001. He contributed two titles in Hiphopa Kompilo Vol. 1. In 2009 he released the EP Por la rep’ in anticipation of his full ambum Samideano in January 2010.



Gijom Armide (France)

Gijom (Guillaume) is a pianist and singer. He has played music since he was a child, and he learned Esperanto in 2008. Since he and Platano both live in Paris, they had the idea to write a song together. The result is “Ĝimini la akrido” (Jiminy Cricket).



Jonny M (Germany)
Jonny M 

Jonny M is a young German who started playing rap-ragga-reggae music in 2006 in German and in 2009 also in Esperanto. Jonny M released his first five title EP in Esperanto, Pli ol espero (More than hope) in early 2011, freely downloadable. For HKK Vol. 2 he recorded a song with the Swiss Tinitus who composed the music.



Marteno (Slovakia)

Marteno is a Slovakian rapper presently based in London. He has been rapping since 2003. Mostly he appears in concert in Esperanto meetings. The song “PI” dates from 2006. He is also interested in languages, and in “PI” there is a part rapped for the first time in Lojban!



Platano – La Pafklik (France)
La Pafklik is a hip hop duo who played in concerts starting in 2006. They are two Parisians, Platano, who raps and scratches, and Katakana, who composes the music and raps. Their album Fek al Esperanto (Shit on Esperanto) came out in 2008. They also participated actively in HKK Vol. 1. But for various reasons, the group broke up in 2010. Presently, Platano is rapping songs written by other musicians. In HKK Vol. 2 Platano worked with Diablo, Eterne Rima, and Gijom. La Pafklik appears in the song “Nia hiphop’” (Our hip hop), where Katakana composed the instrumental base.



Tone (Brazil)

Tone is a Brazilian rapper. He became famous for his song “Nova kanto” (New song), sung for the first time in the International Youth Congress in Pato Branco, Brazil, in 2002. He went on tour in Europe in 2009, where he promoted his 8 title EP Repe, Ritme, Sone….



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