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Official release of TIM's second digital EP, Bela vivo (Beautiful life) today march 8, 2024.


Bela vivo Tim 500

After a break of almost 4 years, among other things due to various trips in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala, TIM returns in 2024 with the EP Bela vivo, (Beautiful life).

Using elements of psychedelic, indie-electronic and rock elements, TIM begins to form a new sound, heavily influenced by his life in Berlin and by his taste for experimentation, according to a personal meaning. The EP is consisting of six tracks.

These are only original works with texts and music written and composed by TIM except one written by Liven Dek.

Today Bela vivo release in the usual digital formats available at Vinilkosmo here !
and streaming on the usual platforms delivered by Vinilkosmo via Believe.

If you still don't know the artist TIM go to the artist page here !


Official music video for the title "Pluvo kaj vivo" (Rain and life) available from the first day of spring on March 20, 2024:

Official release of ĴeLe's fourth album, Stacioj de l'amo (Sations of love), february 13, 2024.


Jhele Stacioj de l Amo500px


Stacioj de l'amo (Stations of Love) is released just in time for Valentine’s Day.

It is the fifth album of ĴeLe, released on CD in 2020 with a content of 16 songs.

In the album Stacioj de l'amo Lena ollected songs about love from different years (between 1987 and 2020). An album dedicated to a mother, to a daughter "Mia steleto" (My little star) and to Esperanto "Esperanto-lando" (Esperanto country).

Amourous experiences will accompany you in all the other songs!

Stacioj de l'amo reappears in the usual digital formats available at Vinilkosmo by clicking here

and as well as on the usual streaming platforms...


If you still don't know the duo ĴeLe go to the artist page here

The official music video is coming soon...

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Official release of the single LA JUNULARO DE HODIAŬ  by La Mondanoj on December 15, 2023.


Junularo de hodiau La Mondanoj 250

The Berlin Esperanto rock band La Mondanoj, founded in 1983, returns today to delight us with the updated song "La Junularo de hodiaŭ" (Today's Youth).

The 2-track single (the song and the instrumental version) is now available for download on the Vinilkosmo music platform here:

as well as for streaming on the usual platforms.





Read the very well-researched article about La Mondanoj of Thomas Preece here!


The band also prepared this video to explain the meaning of this old song rewritten for today's youth.


To find out what the lyrics mean click here:

Official release of the "Jonny M - petolas" album on January 5, 2024 at Vinilkosmo. Petolas Jonny M Kovrilo250

Jonny M - Petolas is the title of the album and its production already started immediately after the previous album Kreaktiva, continued through the coronavirus pandemic and is now ready on time for the new year 2024!

This time, in addition to many texts on various topics, personal difficulties and a lot of irony, there’s also collaboration with Tim Gallego.
Twelve songs await listeners in this brand new work in the familiar reggae-rap style but this time also with South American sounds!

The album is available from Vinilkosmo physically on CD and for download in the usual digital formats (MP3/FLAC/OGG) here!

Teaser with a fragment of the song "Propra plaĉo"

La MondAnoj after 40 years

La mondanoj600


Have you heard of La Mondanoj (Citizens of the world)?
Have you ever listened a song to La Mondanoj?
Do you know who they are?
Where do they come from?
Are you ready ? We invite you to discover them and their historic career, which began 40 years ago. Today La Mondanoj return with a single which will appear very soon on Vinilkosmo to preannounce the preparation of an EP for Spring 2024.

And now here is an article originally written in English by Thomas Preece. It is available here: 

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